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What is Anki Palace?

Learn everything you need to know about using Anki in a comprehensive series of lessons and video tutorials designed by the original AnKing team.​

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#1 - WHY ANKI?

Understand why spaced repetition is so effective and how you can make it work for you!


Learn how to download Anki, choose your settings, sync between desktop and mobile, and more!


Understand the algorithm Anki uses and how to optimize your settings


 Understand the basic card types and how to make high quality flashcards

#5 - ADD-ONS

Learn how to install add-ons and how to use some of the best add-ons including: Image Occlusion, ReMemorize, Hierarchical Tags, Frozen Fields and more!


Learn the pros and cons of using pre-made decks, how to import them and how to customize them for your personal use


Learn how to maintain efficiency, assess your progress and even how to skip a day of reviews


Learn how to search with different keywords, filters and flags for quick and easy browsing

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Anki Palace Butler Add-on

We designed a special add-on just for our students. The Palace Butler automatically configures settings and installs 50+ add-ons so you can focus on studying instead of messing with settings!

BONUS: 30 day access to an exclusive community


Join our exclusive Anki Palace community where you can get help or help others with unique Anki questions.


"The AnKing tutorials were so great because they guided me to use Anki in a more effective and streamlined way. Nick and the rest of the team introduced me to several advanced techniques that now I use on a daily basis"

OC, University College Dublin

"Medical School is synonymous with late nights and or early mornings. Nothing is worse than doing cards at 2am when everyone is asleep and realizing you need an add-on you don’t have or you messed up your deck and don’t know how to fix it, but no one is awake to help you. Enter the AnKing. They are simple, clear, and quick! Best part is, much like a medical student, their content never sleeps. I can’t tell you how many times their videos have saved me!"

Brian P., University of Utah School of Medicine

About the Author

We are originally four medical students attending the University of Utah School of Medicine and have since expanded to include many others. We love Anki, but found it very difficult to use at first. We originally made a few videos to help our classmates and eventually decided to keep making tutorials so we could share with all Anki users worldwide. Many of us are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and believe that serving others is what brings true happiness. We hope you enjoy everything we have put together for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

If our YouTube videos were a Corvette, this course is a Lamborghini. We took all the important things we’ve learned about Anki and put them into an organized course that walks you from beginner to expert.
A few things this course has that our YouTube videos do not:
  • The Butler Add-on. Configure your Anki add-ons and settings in just a few seconds!
  • More organized flow. This course was designed to be done in a logical order so that each lesson builds on the previous.
  • Practice files. This course has downloadable files so that you can practice along with us!
  • Up to date. Many of our YouTube videos were made on Anki 2.0 or older versions that no longer look like the current version. These videos are up to date and will stay that way.
  • Experienced knowledge. Our first YouTube videos were made when we’d only been using Anki for a few months. Now we’ve used Anki for a couple of years and we understand the best practices much better.

Everything that was free remains free and we will continue producing free content!

This course is intended for those who are beginning with Anki. It will take you through everything you need to set up Anki and use it effectively for whatever you are studying.

All the add-ons listed in Lesson 6 in the course curriculum above are included plus some of our beta add-ons (including the Study Timer, Custom Background and Gear Icon and Browser Resizer add-ons). In total, over 60 add-ons.

Please fill out an application for financial aid here.

No, this is separate from our Patreon.

No, it does not. We are working on this and it will be released as a separate project. If you would like to stay up to date, sign up for our email list:

The income from this course is going towards funding the development of more software for Anki and learning. This reddit post discusses our plans in detail. We are committed to being transparent and open with all of our projects.

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